Arduino code snippets

This week I’ve been working on an interesting project with an Arduino at it’s core. The design is for the Briefcase Project, an exhibition which is opening in Wellington on August 8th. I’ll share more details closer to the date, but for now here are some little code snippets that I’ve found really useful, and maybe not so well documented elsewhere. Click here to read more »

Low-pass dirt filter

This week I boxed up the filter I’ve been working on in this custom made case (thanks Ponoko). I’m really happy with it, it sounds good and now it looks good too. Sound samples to come – it sounds great with guitar as well as your typical synthy application.

Here’s the finalised schematic, layout, and gutshots.

Update: I’ve just sold this one so get in touch if you’d like me to build you another.

Update: I’ve used this project as an example for a tutorial I wrote on the Ponoko forum